Must Read: Say No To These Six Food Items During Pregnancy!

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Feb 26, 2017 09:13 PM EST

It is the very fact that would be mother would never want in her dreams to lose her unborn child. No matter how well you get advised by the doctors, foods that you may think is good for your health can make you suffer. There are certain healthy food options that can cause blunder to your pregnancy. Thus, make sure to take the best knowledge about what to consume and what not to consume. This list can help you with the information:

1. Papaya: One of the healthiest food is considered dangerous for pregnancy. Green or ripe papaya contains enzymes that cause faster uterine contraction that leads to abortion or miscarriage of the baby you have within you, revealed Health And Mind Care.

2. Animal liver: Another nutritious food leads a caution for the pregnant women. The liver can be infected if the animal has any infection. Most imperatively, the liver is rich in Vitamin A and has high cholesterol. This affects the fetus to be aborted with ease.

3. Pineapple: This fruit is great during delivery as it contains bromelain that softens the uterine layer leading to faster contraction. Thus, if this fruit is consumed in the first three months of pregnancy, it can cause severe miscarriage.

4. Aloe Vera: One of the panacea for curing all skin disorders and weight disorders. However, pregnant women must avoid having any products made with Aloe Vera. This causes pelvic hemorrhage causing the loss of a child.

5. Peach: Peach is a tasty food, but it causes several burning sensation in the throat and is considered to be a hot food. Tus, it is preferable to avoid such fruit that can be dangerous.

6. Wild apple: Its sour, bitter and sweet taste is considered to be delicious for the pregnant women. However, it has the quality to excite the uterus that can cause contraction leading to abortion, revealed New Health Advisor.

Other than these, it is also better to avoid raw or even partially cooked eggs, seasame seeds, bitter melon, seafood and processed meat during prenancy. As prevention is better than cure. On searching, you would find various foods that are healthy but unsafe for pregnant women. Thus, it is mandatory to make a thorough research and in case you are too lazy for a research, consult your dietician to be on the safer side!

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