Must Read: Changes In Clock Due To Daylight Saving Stresses The IVF-Pregnant Mother, Doubling The Chances Of Miscarriage?

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Mar 02, 2017 07:06 AM EST

In-Vitro Fertilization is a technique, which is a type of reproductive technology via assistance, is bringing a ray of hope to those who cannot become parents in a normal way. The chances of having a healthy baby, thus depend on multiple factors like the age of the mother and the cause of the fertility. This particular fertilization technique is the ultimate answer to the problems like irregular fallopian tubes, male infertility (low sperm count or motility, ovulation disorders, uterine fibroids, etc.

According to Mail Online, the complex process includes a series of steps. First of all the eggs are extracted from the female partner. Next, a sample of proper sperm is extracted from the male partner. The next step involves a manual combination of the egg and the sperms in an external yet controlled environment like a laboratory dish for the process of fertilization. Once the fertilization process is completed, the embryo(s) is transferred to the uterus for natural growth inside the mother's body.

Current analysis suggests that the count of miscarriages doubles when the clock is put forward to the spring time. The researchers took many examples in the process in order to get the right answer. 1654 pregnancies were studied. Almost 23.4% of the subjects who underwent in-vitro fertilization just 21 days before the time forwarding suffered a loss due to miscarriage whereas only 10.2% suffered miscarriages among those who adopted the technique in the other part of the year, reported NHS Choices.

The former percentage is quite significant when it is compared to the later one. The count of miscarriages doubles during the advent of the spring time and daylight saving phenomenon. The same result occurred in the countries that go through the same time-saving changes every year. Those females who have suffered miscarriages before, the percentage of another miscarriage among such subjects tripled.

The medical researchers cannot find a proper answer to these unnatural miscarriages. They implied that the clock changes impart a physiological change that creates such problem. Natural pregnancies are less affected than the IVF ones. The body recuperates with the clock change which might create a stressful environment for the embryos to survive. This can be the reason behind the elevated percentage of miscarriages.

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