Men’s Sex & Health: Walnuts Boosts Sperm Count As Other Foods Like Dark Chocolate Boosts Men’s Fertility? Details Here!

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Mar 02, 2017 04:37 AM EST

There are men who are struggling in their fertility capability due to lack of sperm. Meanwhile, some couldn’t have great sex with the same reason as well. Fortunately, experts reveal that walnuts and other foods might help them to get through their sperm problems.

According to Daily Mail, a study had revealed that munching on walnut or walnut-rich foods is proved to boost men’s sperm count. Lipid peroxidation which is a process that damages sperm cells is said to be halted by the crunchy snack. Walnuts were then said to contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential in replenishing sperm cells.

The study then by the University of Delaware conducted an experiment with two groups of male mice. The first group consisted of healthy mice while the second group consisted of genetically predetermined infertile male mice. Both groups were then given a walnut diet for nine to 11 weeks. After being assessed it was found that both groups had improved sperm motility and morphology.

Of course, those male mice who ate 20 percent of their daily calories from walnuts were said to achieve the improvements. Infertile mice with that intake were also said to improve as well. Their walnut intake is then identified to be equivalent to 2.5 ounces a day for humans.

“What's fascinating is we found that eating walnuts can actually help improve sperm quality, likely by reducing peroxidative damage in sperm cells,” stated lead researcher Dr. Patricia Martin-DeLeon of the University of Delaware. Yet, she noted that the study needs for research on what specific nutrients cause the improvements. Rest assured, walnuts might really be effective as she said.

Furthermore, other foods that could boost sperm count naturally in men were reported by Body and Soul. Garlic is mentioned to be one of those foods since it contains antioxidant, selenium essential in sperm motility. Dark chocolate was mentioned as well since it has tons of antioxidant to fight harmful free radicals and promote heart health.

Ginseng’s natural aphrodisiac capability is said to relax muscles, boost testosterone levels and improve blood flow to the genital region as well. It is also said to have enhanced effects on sexual performance and desires. Oysters were also identified to be aphrodisiacs as well. Its zinc is said to be important in sperm production and testosterone creation. For more men’s health articles, like the 7 shocking side effects of Masturbation, visit us here.

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