'Blue Blood' Season 7 Spoilers: A Love Triangle Between Eddie, Jaime And A New Woman, Eddie Confess Feelings to Jaime

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Mar 13, 2017 06:14 AM EDT

The previous season 6 of "Blue Bloods" experienced an increase in its ratings. Many fans wanted to know the real story between Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). And after many years of build-up, officers finally confessed their feelings for each other and kissed. However, "Blue Bloods" Season 7 spoilers suggest that there's going to be a love triangle for Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). Will Estes, teases his new partner on the said CBS drama.

In an article published by Entertainment Weekly, there is a speculation that a possible love triangle between Jamie, Eddie, and a new woman will trigger a conflict in the relationship in the upcoming "Blue Bloods" Season 7. Also, there will be a big trouble in Jamie and Eddie's relationship after Will Estes shared a photo with a new cast member on the set.

But still, many believed that Eddie and Jamie will overcome many problems in their relationship. While other fans are scared that they would break up because of the problems they will encounter in "Blue Bloods" Season 7.

Moreover, Eddie will suddenly confess her feelings to Jaime. The admission was staged after Eddie struggles with being jealous about Jaime inviting a struggling girl they met on the job to stay with him.

Another "Blue Bloods" Season 7 spoiler revealed from Econotimes, that Jamie and Eddie will investigate a case of a suspected foul play - the death of an EMT's wife due to allergy from medication. The two will suspect that there is an abuse at home when an EMT did not respond to his own wife's call for distress.

Also, the publication teases Frank that he will have a PR crisis after the exposé on Garrett leaks out in "Blue Bloods" Season 7. Erin will also discover that she may have made a wrong decision and may have convicted an innocent man. And Frank will face his own problems when an expose of Garrett that is about to be published in leads to a PR crisis.

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