Get Stoned To Stay in Shape: The Absurd Celebrity Fitness Trend is Making Waves

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Mar 15, 2017 06:14 AM EDT

Celebrity fitness trends and ridiculousness seems to walk hand in hand. The new trend of fitness is losing your head. Well, your senses at least. Get stoned to stay fit (yes, you read that right) is the latest buzzword of crazy. If you have been dreaming of a svelte figure, the best way to attain it seems to be, getting high.

Do you think that is absurd? Give that another thought!

The "US Anti-Doping Agency" prohibits the use of quite a few intoxicating substances like marijuana. All of us are aware of the fact, but did you know why these substances are actually prohibited? This is probably a high time to find it out!

Haven't you heard about athletes using prohibited substances to boost their performance? 

Prohibited substances like pot relax the muscle, numbs your idea of feeling pain and of course bring out your courageous self to make you more likely to take risks and to push yourself further. This new celebrity fitness trend encourages to use this method in the gym. This inevitably means your aggressive self-pushing yourself to do more exercise, to take more risks than you normally would, and the pots and weeds will keep you numb to the feeling of pain, revealed New York Post.

Sounds like a great idea? Take a further look at the other end of the argument!

The "Journal Sports Medicine" in 2015 suggests pot is more likely to make you act like a sloth where all you want to do is lay down flat and do nothing. Moreover, we all know very well the risks of consuming pot and weed on a regular basis. They did not become prohibited substance for anything. Irritation and inflammation of lungs and bronchial tubes, long-term respiratory problems, heart attack, come as a part of the deal. Not to forget the severe lack of hand-eye-leg coordination when you are high, revealed Ace Fitness. But the new celebrity fitness trends aim at using this strategy to work out more and thereby stay in proper shape.

Still, if absurd is your middle name then, by all means, go for it, but don't say we didn't warn you.

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