‘Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition’ Re-Stocking Update: Gaming Console Available in Limited Stocks on Amazon and eBay

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Mar 14, 2017 05:14 AM EDT

The surprise hit of 2016, the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition," is now available in certain major retail and online outlets. However, the re-stocking of the NES Mini Classic Edition has not caught up with the level of demand the retro gaming console should be supplying.

According to the Droid Report, "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" is now available at Amazon. The online store has no less than 150 NES Mini Classic in stock.

There's a catch however, Amazon is selling the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" at a higher price. Amazon is offering the retro gaming console for US$ 160 compared to its original price of US$ 60.

Meanwhile, eBay is offering the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" for US$144. The online store currently has 10 units of NES Mini Classic.

The original "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" originally comes in with 30 built-in games such as the "Super Mario Bros.," "Donkey Kong," and the "Legend of Zelda." However, according to Extreme Tech, the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" can be modified to actually hold more than 800 games.

On the other hand, modifying the NES Mini Classic to add more games would likely void its warranty. And that is something consumers want to avoid especially since the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" is difficult to find as it is.

While Nintendo denies the report that the production of the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" has stopped, fans are wondering while too few of these retro gaming consoles are flooding into the market. Amidst the whirlwind promotion and following release of the "Nintendo Switch," an executive from Nintendo promised that the demand for both the NES Mini Classic and the Switch would be met.

That is still not the case, however, since fans of both the "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" and the "Nintendo Switch" are still having difficulties in obtaining them. And if fans do find them, the gaming consoles are priced way above the recommended selling price.

In the UK, the Express reports that the retailer GAME in Middlesbrough and London has a number of "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" in stock, albeit in limited amounts. The NES Mini Classic would be available at GAME on a first-come-first-served basis.

Meanwhile, the "Nintendo Switch" is available in the US via the retail outlet GameSpot. Latino's Health reported that the Switch, offered at a higher selling price, would be available in two different bundles.

Nintendo promises that the demand for "Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition" and the "Nintendo Switch" would be met. Fans would hold them to their promise because real fans don't forget.

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