Interesting Findings and Treatment of Baldness or Also Known As Hair Loss; Why Most Men Are Prone To This Condition

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Mar 16, 2017 11:04 AM EDT

Baldness or also known as hair loss encouraged many medical professionals to do an experiment and look what would be the best remedy for it but up until now, men babbled that there is no promising treatment for this condition. However, recent research tracked the root cause of baldness that can help in reducing the possibility of such condition.

For the sake of experiment and discovering the best treatment, the researchers used the genetic material coming from over 52,000 men and found that nearly 300 genes can contribute to baldness or also known as hair loss. Hence, the researcher found hope with what they have discovered.

It is believed that baldness or also known as hair loss could be in the family history and with the level of the hormone called androgen. Saskia Hagenaars, one of the authors of the research said, ""It was interesting to find that many of the genetic signals for male pattern baldness came from the X chromosome, which men inherit from their mothers." Researchers hoped that it is now easier for them to identify and sub-group the population that is prone to such condition and do the perfect treatment for them.

While some of the researchers searched for the best treatment for it, on the other hand, another research claims that baldness or also known as hair loss may also link to positive illness and physical condition. The most interesting findings were: Short men are more prone to balding at an early stage, men who lose their hair at an early stage are prone to prostate cancer and heart diseases but appeared to have a reduced risk of having colorectal cancer and chronic lymphatic leukemia; Male who experiences balding at an early stage have increased in bone density and lighter skin, which indicates that they will "able to use sunlight to synthesize vitamin D."

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