Ellie Goulding News and Update: ‘Love Me Like You Do’ Singer Has an Amazing Anxiety Combat Trick!

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Mar 16, 2017 11:06 AM EDT

Ellie Goulding, 30-year-old British pop star, admitted that she experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks at the start of her career. But she now has an amazing way in handling them.

Ellie Goulding has recently opened up about the crippling anxiety that has been holding her back, causing her to cancel a series of her shows last summer. She also revealed that her anxiety made her begin to doubt her vocal abilities.

However, she also revealed that she has been working through her issues with the help of exercise. Ellie Goulding revealed that sweating it all off helped her a lot.She is now into boxing and kickboxing, which, as she claimed, helped her in staying calm and confident.

Ellie Goulding detailed how her life changed since her career took off in 2010. She was thrilled with sharing her music but she said everything was also a lot to handle.

The Brit-winning artist, Ellie Goulding, admitted that she started having panic attacks and she was scared that it could be triggered by almost anything. She even had to cover her face with a pillow whenever she walks outside from her car to the studio, a report from Well + Good said. Ellie Goulding said she started feeling emotionally stronger after finding the workout that she loved and plans to stick to it.

A report from Huffington Post said that anxiety affects 40 million American adults. The condition is said to ignite panic attacks, which are signs of severe stress causing shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, and excessive worry. Research shows that physical activity could improve moods. Studies say regular exercise can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

For those who suffer anxiety attacks, Ellie Goulding's technique might also be the right one for you. Better start sweating your way to an anxiety-free life!

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