Cell Biology Gets a New Breakthrough As Researchers Invents a Unique Way to Use Light to Control It

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Mar 16, 2017 01:25 PM EDT

Random research brings success and the same thing happens when researchers have invented a way to control the cell biology. They use light to bring the success.

PHYS.ORG reported that researchers at the University of Alberta discovered a tool called photocleavable protein to control the cell biology. Researchers take this photocleavable protein to maintain the link of the cellular proteins to the inhibitors. This specific way is called caging. The aim of this caging is to prevent the cellular proteins from doing their usual activities.

Professor Robert Campbell, the lead author of the research study reveals the importance of light to control the cell biology. He utters that when the light is provided inside the cell, then it helps the photocleavable protein to break into pieces. This activity can be done by removing the inhibitor. That means protein is given the opportunity to perform normally by uncaging them into the cell.

The best part of this process is that it is applicable to study and control the activity inside a cell. Other researchers that need the study of cell activity can also use this process. Professor Robert Campbell opines that the light-sensitive proteins are very helpful to study the inner activities of a living cell. Actually, this process explores a new dimension to study cell biology.

The use of photocleavable protein is a unique way to study, human cells, yeast, bacteria, and others. Professor Robert Campbell says that an animal like zebrafish or mice can also be studied applying this protein. Researchers put the proteins inside an animal to connect the gene to the DNA and place it into cells to get the required result. In a word, a completely new and different way is developed to explore important facts about the cell biology.

Researchers and scientists from different arena can access the gene for the photocleavable. It is true that cell biology needs more research and more investigation to bring fruitful results. Nature Methods reported the whole fact uniquely.

Cell biology is an integral part of the research system of the complete biological arena. The new invention regarding the use of light to control the biology at the cellular level is a great achievement. Now it can be very useful for any future study.

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