Top Songs to Treat Anxiety and Stress; Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is On the Lists!

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Mar 17, 2017 09:21 AM EDT

Anxiety is the reaction to the stress; there is no denial that everyone suffered from this had affected the way of living, still dealing with it is a need. Hence, a lot of strategies and therapies have been available to treat such condition and one of these is listening to songs.

In a recent study showed that music may treat anxiety and cortisol level in our body, which is also known as the stress hormone. In fact, even for centuries, indigenous people used songs to improve health and enhance well-being.

While in a study conducted by the neuroscientists in the UK, they tried to observe and measure the brain activity of the participants solving difficult puzzles, which triggered anxiety and stress. When they tried to treat the condition by letting the participants listen to the one song - "Weightless" - it gave a great result!

What they have found was that there is striking 65 percent anxiety and stress reduction while there is a 35 percent reduction in their overall physiological resting rates. The Marconi Union, the creator of "Weightless" said that this song has been carefully arranged to reduce blood pressure and it was created in collaboration with a sound therapist. This is just one of the songs that can stir the soul and calm the nervous system.

While with the help of HuffPost editors and netizens shared their favorite songs that can lower and treat anxiety and stress. One of the editors suggested, "Bye, Bye, Bye - *NSYNC, which found to reduce such condition.

Other songs like Shadow Days of John Mayer, Sunday Morning of Maroon 5, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Butterfly by Mariah Carey and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley were the top hits that can treat and lower stress and anxiety. For more updates, keep in touch with Latinos Health.

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