The Smaller, The Better: Nipple Reduction or Smartie Nipple Is The All New Body Trend!

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Mar 17, 2017 10:37 AM EDT

The quest for a perfect body is never ending. With trends tumbling one after the other, the body is subjected to and answerable for every minute detail. With body shaming raging as a hot topic of discussion, the fashion corridors are yet to stop their scrutiny, deciding the ideals of beauty and setting a dangerous, whacky and sometimes even incorrigible standard for women to follow. The latest fad of tiny nipple stands as an example to these beauty standards, with more people are opting for nipple reduction or 'smartie nipple'. Ominous or unusual you be the judge!

Breast augmentation and nipple reduction have been a typically debated topic of fashion trend. The decision of the right size of the breast changes with the fleeting fashion trend. Small is now ruling the fashion charts. The no cleavage fashion trend was followed by smaller breast size as the ideal size. A natural progression from there is the fad of small nipples. Surgically reducing the size of the nipple is now the biggest trend of this year, reported Mirror!

The Guardian's Eva Wiseman decodes the trend, in a recent interview. For her, a 'little smartie-like nipple' is the best bet for happy muscles. But it is not the concern of health that makes the smartie nipple trend so hot; Eva Wiseman compares tiny nipples as same as a flashy tie complimenting a simple suit or a huge diamond ensemble complimenting a simple dress. The focus, therefore, is very much in fashion.

Repositioning of the nipple has been a trend that has found its loyal followers for long. The world of Plastic Surgery is adept with the trend of breast surgery as it remains one of the most popular trends. During breast surgery, an incision is made around the nipple for repositioning. Choosing the size of the nipple is also possible where the plastic surgeons follow a standard template or even lets you have the choice of choosing your preferred size.

So, try out the all new nipple reduction, and get your exclusive 'smarty nipple' this season!

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