Raven Ridge: The Biggest Weapon of Apple’s Macbook Pro 2017

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Mar 17, 2017 02:34 PM EDT

It is reported that Apple has chosen Raven Ridge to come up with a sleek design of the Apple Macbook Pro 2017. Raven Ridge is the latest accelerated processing unit (APU) of AMD, which is a combination of Ryzen CPU and Radeon Vega GPU chipsets on a single chip.

The integration of CPU and GPU greatly reduces latency that simplifies the design of the boards to the extent that helps to make a thinner or a sleek design and a portable laptop. If Apple adopts this particular technology for its future products, it is very much expected that other computer manufacturers follow the footsteps of Apple.

According to University Herald, these chipsets will be packed in single silicon with the use of packaging technology of Intel's Embedded Multi -Die Interconnect Bridge. Raven Ridge was originally expected to release in 2018, but with a change in the plan of AMD it launches and releases in this year itself for the new APU. The performance of Macbook Pro 2017 is expected to leverage with the introduction of Raven Ridge APU especially when the APU uses the Vega-based GPU chipsets which have much bigger leaps on the learning of the machine and artificial intelligence.

It is quite obvious that AMD will dominate the CPU, GPU, and the Server market. The facility that AMD is expected to provide is simply unmatched to the facility provided by the other manufacturers. This chipset of AMD is the biggest weapon of Apple which would be used in Apple's MacBook Pro 2017. This will make the Macbook the most efficient and speediest laptop of the current times, reported Mobi Picker.

The gadget freaks will be anxiously waiting for Apple Macbook Pro 2017 to come in market to experience the latest blend of class and technology.

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