Nicki Minaj's 'No Fraud" Hits Back Remy Ma's 'ShETHER', Friendly Competition Turns Beefy

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Mar 18, 2017 06:52 AM EDT

Nicki Minaj hits back Remy Ma with her new hit song "No Frauds" featuring her fellow Young Money artists Drake and Lil Wayne as a reply to Remy's harsh diss track, "ShETHER" which was referred to her.

The tension between the two artists started as a friendly competition. However, it ended up into a "beef" when Nicki Minaj and Ma turn their rivalry into a serious one. It started a few decades ago when Remy was still the unmistakable Queen of Rap in New York, while Nicki was just a newcomer in the industry.

According to The Fader, Nicki Minaj's fame rose up while Remy was serving a sentence in jail for six years because she accidentally shot her friend a few years back. After 18 months since the release of Remy from jail, her career has been revived and had a lot of offers coming her way. Many people think that this caused problems between her and Nicki.

Remy Ma released "ShETHER" as a response to the rising stardom of Nicki Minaj and claiming that Minaj is using ghostwriters that attack for her appearance. Per NBC News, two weeks after the release of the Ma's controversial recording, Nikki also released "No Frauds".

Nicki Minaj's "No Frauds" is all about Remy's six years in jail for assault and her record sales. She also released two other songs entitled "Changed It" and "Regret In Your Tears." A few days later after Nicki's releases, Remy Ma also release her second "diss" song entitled "Another One".

Moreover, Nicki Minaj wrote on Instagram, "diss records can't be lies. Great diss records are facts. But here @ Young Money, we don't do diss records, we drop hit records & diss you on them". Also, Nicki Minaj challenged Remy Ma if she can book any show or interview without mentioning her name for 72 hours. And if Remy makes a hit, Minaj will give her half a million dollars.

Some fans were disappointed by the fact that Nicki Minaj's response was a little too late. People on twitter are raging about the issue.

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