Microsoft Surface Book 2 News & Update: The Device Cost Just $1000 & To Be Launched in April 2017[VIDEO]

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Mar 19, 2017 03:05 AM EDT

After the successful launch of its predecessor, Microsoft is gearing up to launch its revamped version-Microsoft Surface Book 2. The newly designed laptop started mass production and expected to launch in a few weeks from now.

According to Digitimes, Mircosoft Surface Book 2 kicked up mass production at its production facilities, as the supply chain is gearing up for huge numbers. The new model incorporates some key changes. Unlike its predecessor, the new laptop is not detachable and display sticks to the keyboard. The old model is completely detachable and served as 2-in-1 laptop cum tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Book2 is rumored to have a 13.5-Inch display and the metal body is made up of the tough magnesium-aluminium alloy. It is also expected to embed with the powerful Intel Kaby Lake processor, advanced graphics card with 4K resolution compatibility that provides a visual treat for games lovers. The Surface pen and VR card are also in the offing, reports Latin Post.

Along with the hardware, Microsoft Surface Book 2 appears to be updated with new Windows 10 software. Windows 10, is expected to be launched in April 2017. Hence, Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch could coincide with the Windows 10 launch. It is reported that Microsoft is also planning to launch Surface Pro 5, the most powerful in the Pro series.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is expected to ship better numbers that its predecessor after its launch. It may be interesting to note that a few weeks ago, Microsoft has slashed the prices of the Microsoft Surface Book, sending strong signals of its successor launch and also signaling a weak demand.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is believed to priced at around $1000, which is 50% less than the starting price of the Microsoft Surface Book. The obvious reason could be to drive the sales higher. The sales figures are expected to touch 1.2-1.5 million in this year alone. Stay with us for more updates on Microsoft devices.

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