Amber Rose Flaunts Her 36H Assets in Racy Strapless Bra: Instagram Video of Former 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant Grabs 3 Million Hits

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Mar 20, 2017 12:48 PM EDT

Amber Rose jiggles her 36H size assets on a video in her Instagram account to endorse a strapless bra. The multifaceted model, fashion designer and rapper strong and confident in her body have previously in a chat show confirmed that her assets are all natural. Amber Rose's Instagram video has already arrested the attention of millions of viewers, thereby promoting the brand ceaselessly!

The bra designed by Sneaky Vaunt promises to enhance cleavage and give support to breasts providing it with the strapless and backless style benefits. The clip on Amber Rose's Instagram account shows her trying on the bra. She jiggles her breast to show how the strapless bra would hold up and also how pulling the strings of the bra enhances her cleavage. The video on her Instagram account has been watched by over 3 million viewers. Her fans even posted a huge number of comments on the video.

According to US Magazine, Amber Rose's Instagram video came about as a promotion of Sneaky Vaults new created strapless and backless bra. The black bra Amber Rose wore for the video came with two small cups which had a tie in the middle. The bra comes with the price tag of just £41. She was happy with the results of the bra which is created to enhance cleavage and eggs the followers to go for it by posting the video with the line- "If you've got it...VAUNT IT."

Criticism over her assets and claims of breast enhancing operations have plagued her before, she though claimed her 36H size as natural in the E News talk show, "Good Work" in April 2015 but did not rule out the possibility of conducting any future surgery on herself.

The 33-year-old brazen rapper believes that everybody has the right to do whatever they believe in with their body and should not be slut shamed.

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