Marijuana Legalization Might Lead To A Closer Probe For Employees

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Mar 21, 2017 07:00 AM EDT

Drivers, teachers, flight attendants, nurses -- these occupations are among the assigned positions considered as safety sensitive. There are also other jobs which fall under this category. And these employees are more likely to be critically observed or inspected once marijuana is legalized by the federal government in the long run. The law is to be implemented by summer 2017 in Canada, CBC reported.

However, an oil and gas safety group based in Calgary brought up their apprehensions about workplace safety risks with regards to escalated marijuana use. The group affirmed that there would be more cases of employees going to their respective workplaces impaired due to smoking weed than in the past. Thus, employers of safety-sensitive jobs are more likely to suffer since they are legally responsible for establishing a secure workplace under workers compensation law. They definitely can't bear any impairment at work due to drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, concerns regarding performance and attendance are some of the issues to those who are not in the safety sensitive.

In the United States, The Motley Fool reported that recreational and medical marijuana is rapidly increasing, as state officials approved the law on its legalization. As of now, there are 28 states which authorized the use of medical marijuana. Furthermore, eight states have passed laws on recreational marijuana. As the number of states which legalizes marijuana drastically increases, soon it is presumably going to be officially permitted in all 50 states.

But the question is - why should we legalize the use of marijuana? According to Drug Policy, there are several grounds for making it officially authorized. For instance, it contributes to consumer safety since the substance would undergo product testing, which is a customary qualification for legalized marijuana markets. Also, it would save funds as local governments would obtain substantial new sources of tax revenue from controlling its sales.

Different people have distinct beliefs concerning marijuana. Even if the previous norms dictate that it is a dangerous substance that should be prohibited, its standing in our society is changing over time. Day by day, more people are seeking for its use, both medical and recreational. It indicates that the reputation of marijuana is now developing positively and might also provide significant benefits to the public.

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