Samsung Ordered To Pay Huawei $11.6 Million For Patent Violations In China

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Apr 10, 2017 01:23 AM EDT

Huawei and Samsung made a big dispute in Chinese's courts due to a patent case. It is reported that the former accused the South Korean giant tech company of utilizing its intellectual property.

Patent battles are common among smartphones and in China, such cases are becoming complicated. Huawei, Samsung, Apple, and other companies come across the courts regularly in the past few years.

“In general, it is tougher for foreign brands to operate in China given the many rules and regulations that they have to abide to that China sets for them,” IDC analyst Xiaohan Tay told to CNET. Samsung would deeply review the court's verdict and establish suitable feedbacks, the company's spokesman said.

According to Digital Trends, Samsung was ordered to pay Huawei with 80 million yuan, which is almost $11.6 million for patent infringements. The case was filed initially in May 2016 and after nearly one year, the court sided Huawei.

In fact, this is the first batch of lawsuits against Samsung in China. As per XDA-Developers, this certain case appears a connection to the use of 4G technologies that was actually unregistered. These wireless systems, which purposely for Wi-Fi connectivity were fitted in 30 million Samsung mobile devices.

Up until now, there's no report yet if Samsung considers filing a countersuit like it did in other suits. The company previously issued a countersued for Huawei in a set of other concerns summing up six patent cases.

Furthermore, Samsung is reported in attempting to settle its fight with Huawei in a friendly manner. Nevertheless, the South Korean company is silent about its upcoming plans and no doubt if the patent case is continued. As for now, the judgment is a big success for Huawei.

Meanwhile in a separate case, the U.K. High Court recently notified Huawei to settle an international licensing fee or else a sale ban will be imposed. The payment is for patents filed by the United States Company Unwired Planet.

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