New Surface Pro 5 Leaks Highlight Microsoft's Alternative Approach; New Hardware On Board?

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Apr 10, 2017 11:28 AM EDT

With no update to the Surface Book or Surface Pro last year, many are expecting that 2017 will be the year when the Surface Pro 5 will at least have updated hardware. While the focus of Microsoft is still on software, the company's Surface hardware division will continue to improve the capabilities and vision of the company.

Forbes reports that the Surface Pro 5 will allegedly come with Kaby Lake processors, Intel's latest chip design for the desktop and the chip maker's seventh generation Core processor. None other than Microsoft watcher Paul Thurott confirmed this development. With Kaby Lake, the tablet gets some advanced hardware. But the focus is not just on hardware but also on providing modern computing solutions.

Microsoft is setting its sight on promoting its cloud-based services and the Windows 10 operating system. For this reason, the Surface Pro 5 is not just about innovation for the sake of delivering a hardware that sells. Unlike Apple, most of its cloud-based revenue come from only users with Apple hardware. Microsoft, on the other hand, can also sell its macOS and iOS powered devices without any support from third-party manufacturers.

The Indian Express reveals that those who expect to see a major design change in the Surface Pro 5 will be disappointed. It will come with compatibility with the current Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4 accessories, which includes Type Cover keyboards and the desktop docking station. Although not yet confirmed, it will offer support for USB Type-C ports.

Apps For PC Daily stated in its report that the Kaby Lake processors will give the Surface Pro 5 longer battery life and the latest LTE internet connectivity. Microsoft has been in the background for a long time with limited news and updates coming out from them. It is expected that the hybrid Pro 5 will have a fall launch this year.

With the Surface Pro 5, Microsoft is aiming to show what current hardware can do with its innovations in Windows 10 and its cloud services. Over the years, this has given Microsoft a huge advantage in numbers and market share.

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