'Dragon Ball Super': Power Level Of Broly's Female Version Hinted On The Series' New Details

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Apr 10, 2017 02:24 PM EDT

Most fans of the "Dragon Ball Super" anime series are currently focused on the Universe 7. The team of Goku is in danger since the Omni-Kings are all ready to attack.

A martial arts competition is approaching, but Universe 7 has no part in the event. Fortunately, some team is willing to provide the universe a chance for the tournament. As for the Universe 6, it has Cabba and a popular, gender-bent Saiyan on its side as presented in the new arc of "Dragon Ball Super."

According to Comicbook, Toei Animation introduced a new character when it released an official trailer for the latest arc of "Dragon Ball Super." The character appears like a female version of Broly.

Fans were even amazed when the presumed girl transformed into a Saiyan, who features Broly’s body built, hair, and striking eyes. They observed the character while watching the "Dragon Super Ball" new arc trailer, and she seems very dangerous.

The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" showed Universe 6 as it gets ready for the Tournament of Power. The God of Destruction Champa advised his mate Vados to call for Cabba, one of the most powerful fighters in their team.

Vados emphasized to Cabba that Universe 6 desires for someone, who possesses more fighting stamina than the latter character. “We need someone stronger than you,” the god yelled. “I want Saiyans! Give us more Saiyans!”

The "Dragon Ball Super” fans noticed that Cabba got frightened by the command. But watchers believed that he will recruit the new character that mirrors Broly when she transforms. If Cabba calls her to join Universe 6, it means that she acquires a more level up power than him.

This is what Todd Blankenship wrote on his Twitter on April 9.
Champa: "We need a Saiyan! Bring me a Saiyan!"
Vados: "Alright, here is *a Saiyan*." And that's why fem-Broly wasn't there.

However, Goku and Vegeta used god ki and arrive in transformations like Super Saiyan Blue. They will be outraged to encounter a female Saiyan, whose feature is similar to Broly.

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