Get Your Damaged Apple iPad 4 Replaced By A Brand New Apple iPad Air 2

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Apr 18, 2017 02:44 AM EDT

Apple declares that the owners of a damaged Apple iPad 4, might get an Apple iPad Air 2 as a replacement. If the iPad is not functioning the way it should have been, then taking it to the Apple authorized repair center for a servicing might end up in coming home with an Apple iPad Air 2 instead of the Apple iPad 4.

According to Mashable, one thing needs to be kept in mind that one should not intentionally damage the Apple iPad 4 and then go to the Apple service center with high hopes of getting Apple iPad Air 2 in its place. But one thing for sure if one had been postponing the repairs for iPad 4 fthen it is the perfect time to go for it now. The Apple iPad 4 has been first launched in 2012, but it has not been manufactured for quite some time. Apple has given constant support to the tablet for the last five years but now since the production has been stopped the company is running out of units to offer as a replacement.

One of the vital point, to be remembered is that taking a five-year-old damaged Apple iPad 4 to the repair center does not guarantee the users of the new shiny model. It is up to the repair center managers to decide if an in the stock Apple iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 will be used as a replacement for the servicing. It is true that the stock of Apple iPad 4 is low, but some stores where the stock is available are still servicing the units and returning them in working condition so to take advantage of this situation one needs to visit several repair centers to check what they are offering, reported iPhone Hacks.

As per the company memo, this iPad Air 2 is being given as a substitute replacement because of extremely low levels of stock of the iPad 4 which is aging. It is better to check out the present condition of the Apple iPad 4 before it is too late.

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