What You Can Expect From The All Microsoft New Surface 5 Laptop

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Apr 18, 2017 02:46 AM EDT

Microsoft is nearing its big spring event, which is scheduled on May 2, 2017. It is expected that the CEO of Microsoft and its team will talk about the strategies and also announce the revision of the hardware of the very popular Surface Pro hybrid of tablet and ultraportable. The surface laptops came with the Kaby Lake processors from Intel and no updates to the Pro line since the end of the year 2015. So, this event is a great opportunity to improve the hardware specifications in the new release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

According to Forbes, it is expected that Microsoft would be putting in the latest specifications which will ensure that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 can challenge any brands of laptops. Unlike Apple, Microsoft does not require the sales of hardware to keep it going because it has several manufacturers that cover up the hardware side. On the other hand, Microsoft needs promotion for the use of its software and the various compelling solutions that it can offer.

As per Technology Everyday, the current consumer focus on Microsoft is mainly built around increasing the adoption of the cloud-based services. The traditional Microsoft Outlook & Office Suites, One Drive's storage and the subscription of Groove's music and most of the regular bases are covered by Redmond's cloud. Most importantly this is accessible through other operating systems as well such as iOS, Android, and others, but obviously, this is more integrated into Windows 10. Therefore, an increase in the adoption of Windows 10 results in the increase in the adoption of cloud.

A new variant of Windows 10 is on the way, and references to the Windows cloud can be found in the code of the latest update of Windows 10 known as the Windows 10 Creators Update. Thus Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with all its specifications is expected to throw a substantial challenge to Google.

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