Brad Pitt Spotted During A Rare Public Sighting Visiting His Art Studio In LA

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Apr 20, 2017 09:07 PM EDT

It is only once in a blue moon now that the media catches a glimpse of actor Brad Pitt who seems to still be reeling under the impact of his divorce with Angelina Jolie. The star has cooped himself up in his art studio in Los Angeles and hardly seems to be in the mood for public appearances.

Spotting Brad Pitt has, therefore, become a hard task for the media and the rare pictures that come up of the star are sure to garner a lot of views and speculations. The recent capture of Brad Pitt, show the 53-year-old "World War Z" star trying to make his way in his art studio in Los Angeles, California. The star was dressed in casual attire, a long-sleeved beige shirt, jeans and sported tinted blue sunglasses and suede ankle boots. His beige shirt was left unbuttoned at the top and bottom revealing a very visible thin frame, revealed Entertainment.

According to the Indian Express, the eyewitnesses added that Brad Pitt looked "a little disoriented and confused" and had trouble with the code of his front door of the studio. The appearance of Brad Pitt was defined as "skinny" and "disheveled."The star has recently gone through a bad divorce with Angelina Jolie and was also busy producing "The Lost City of Z", which released recently. For now, Brad Pitt is spending his time meeting up with his old friends and is concentrating on work.

It has also been revealed from sources close to the star that he has been paying extra attention to his body by working out regularly. The thin frame can, therefore, be the reason of his workouts, his busy schedule or the after effects of the bad divorce.

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