Samsung Galaxy S8 Passes Durability Tests

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Apr 20, 2017 06:14 PM EDT

The latest update from Samsung is Galaxy S8 which is almost ready to be launched. Before the launching of the product it was passed through several tests for durability, which the handset passed with flying colors. The durability tests include scratching, bending, and even burning with a lighter ion some of the cases.

According to The Next Web, the Samsung Galaxy S8 first started with a test of bending. The handset survived and did not bend under the pressure that was applied to it. Galaxy S8 managed very well in the test of bending. Everybody is still concerned with what happened with the batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 previously, and everybody has a fear at the back of their mind that what will happen with Galaxy S8 this time. Here is what the greatest news for the fans. When the phone was cut into with the help of a saw, the battery expanded and gave out a little smoke, but it did not burst into flames.

In the later part, the battery of the phone was repeatedly poked with a knife which is a definite way to light the fire and burn up a lithium battery, but surprisingly phone did not catastrophically burn up into flames. This is a huge sigh of relief for all the fans as well as Samsung that there were no burning problems in any way. These tests of durability performed on Samsung Galaxy S8 made it sure that the models would not have any problems with the battery as in the case of previous Samsung Galaxy Note 7, revealed Digital Trends.

The news of passing the durability tests spread among the fans like fire and was welcomed by all. Hence, Samsung is almost sure of a worry-free launch of the model Samsung Galaxy S8!

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