Insect Delicacies Becoming A Hit In Australian Eateries; Roasted Cockroach or Savory Critters, Anyone?

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Apr 24, 2017 11:53 AM EDT

In the Western world, insects like cockroaches, bugs, or critters are considered pests. But in other regions such as Australia, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, insects are becoming a favorite diet. And as it grows in popularity, many people are wanting to try out it for curiosity's sake.

Man eating insects such as beetles, caterpillars, crickets, and others is nothing new. Yahoo reports that edible insects have been common in diets in regions such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In fact, the aborigines of Australia have eaten bush tucker such as ants, moths, and larvae for thousands of years. But you cannot tell that to Americans and other Western people who considers these creatures as pests.

The United Nations revealed that bugs have already been incorporated in the diet of more than two billion people across the globe. Compared to meat and dairy products, insects are high in protein, cheap to produce and uses much less carbon footprint. Some advocates of edible insects says that they can be helpful in combating a bulging global population and as traditional food supplies such as fish becomes scarce. reveals that while it is gaining popularity in Australian diners, it may take time before Australian homes embrace this new trend of insect diet. Skye Blackburn, owner of the Edible Bug Shop in Sydney is taking the lead in changing consumer perception of edible insects. With Blackburn at the helm, there is now a growing number of restaurants that offer delicacies such as savory crickets, roasted cockroach, and dehydrated ants.

There are mixed reactions when it comes to consumer attitude towards eating insects. "The first kind of people of people are completely grossed out and just want to have a look but never try it out. The second kind of people will really want to learn more and try edible insects." Blackburn says.

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