‘Dragon Ball’ Super Episode 89 Spoiler: Goku Recruits Tien, Master Roshi For The Tournament of Power

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Apr 24, 2017 03:14 AM EDT

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 will see Goku continuing to build his team for the upcoming Tournament of Power. For the upcoming episode, Goku will attempt to bring Tien and Master Roshi for his team. The previous episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" saw Vegeta, Krilin, No. 18, and No. 17 recruited.

With the fate of Universe 7 in jeopardy, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 focuses on Goku as he tries to recruit Tien Shinhan and Master Roshi to join him in a high-stakes multiverse martial arts tournament. Comic Book reveals that the recruitment process will not be easy as Goku encounters a problem with Roshi who has his sights set on Yurin. Unless he is able to draw the girl away, Goku may find it difficult to recruit Master Roshi to his team.

The storyline for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 has been plotted since February. Here is the synopsis for the upcoming 89th episode of the popular anime television series: "Gokuu goes to scout Turtle Hermit and asks Tenshinhan since he's there as well. However, there's some sort of trouble going on at the dojo Tenshinhan is running."

Bam Smack Pow reports that Yurin will have a huge role in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 as she will challenge Goku as he attempts to bring Roshi to his team. Just like in previous episodes, Goku will be tested which has been his fate since the announcement of the Tournament of Power. The battle between different universes kicks off the show's "Universal Survival" saga.

There is so much connection in the characters of Goku, Master Roshi, and Tienshinhan. Roshi was the trainer of Goku while Tien was his enemy in the World Martial Arts Tournament. The two eventually became allies. Tien and Roshi have appeared in previous episodes but their return to "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 will be their biggest appearance yet.

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