Angelina Jolie Goes On Private Romantic Date With Mystery Man In Her Malibu Residence

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Apr 24, 2017 12:32 PM EDT

Dating inside closed doors is the new in trend for famous actress Angelina Jolie. The A-lister who has always turned all eyes on her for her bewitching looks is now herself smitten by a British entrepreneur with strong political ties. The new man in Angelina Jolie's life has already caught the tabloids' attention, but his name and identity have been kept all hush hush by the star's sources.

To avoid the public's scrutiny, Jolie and her mystery man has turned to dating indoors in her Malibu estate. Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt are parents to six children, and they share joint custody of the kids. Handling her high profile life and taking care of the six kids can be a cumbersome effort for the star and it can be well understood that Angelina Jolie must be finding it pretty hard to find time for herself, revealed Economic Times.

According to Hollywood Life, the escape to the private Malibu residence with her new boyfriend, therefore, seems to be a very good time for the lady to unwind and news of overnight dinners, drinks are pouring out from the private residence.

These lovely indoor dates are being planned only when Jolie's six kids are out with their father, Brad Pitt. The divorce and child custody battle that Angelina Jolie had to fight with his ex Brad Pitt must have made the star more private about her relations, and she is finding the whole secrecy she shares with her new man to be exciting.

Planning secret dates in the indoors of her private Malibu residence is a new high for her, and she wants to enjoy the moment in private. Jolie needs more time for her, and her kid's to recuperate after the divorce so that she can come out in public with the identity of her new man.

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