Aeromobil Launches Flying Car Prototypes During Event On French Riviera

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Apr 24, 2017 12:45 PM EDT

Flying cars seem something unnatural that is only possible in science fiction, but it is not fiction anymore. Two prototypes of flying cars were launched on Thursday and were seen taking off on the French Riviera at an event showcasing "supercars" in Monaco.

According to Channel News Asia, the Dutch and the Slovak companies put forward their designs as it the world premiere of these flying cars where several luxury automobile manufacturers have gathered for this wonder event. The Slovakian manufacturer has named the flying car Aeromobil, and the Dutch has named it Pal-V Liberty. The Slovakia-based manufacturer of these flying cars presented its first prototype two years back, but unfortunately, it met with an accident. Now, it is back with a new generation of this flying vehicle named after the firm that manufactured it. They have already started talking the reservations, and the expected delivery date is in 2020.

According to The Science Times, the vehicle would be six meters in length with a fully deployed span of nine meters. This is a normal four-wheeler car which can unfold its wings and transform into a plane that can fly two passengers at a speed of around 260 km/hour for up to 750 kilometers. The price ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 million Euros depending on the options that are available. Similarly, the Dutch rival of the Slovakian manufacturer has made this car cum plane more compact in nature. The length is about four meters, and they have promised to deliver these flying cars by next year itself once the official approvals are secured and confirmed.

The Dutch manufacturer has kept the price range between 299000 to 499000 Euros. The Dutch flying car is a gyrocopter that has three wheels and a retractable rotor and has the capacity to carry two people at a speed of 160 km/hour up to a distance of 400 to 500 kilometers. The users of these flying cars will need both a driving license and the qualification of a pilot as well.

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