Jennifer Lopez Shares Details On How Romance With Alex Rodriguez Started

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Apr 25, 2017 01:12 PM EDT

Jennifer Lopez was the guest on Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and the host left no stone unturned to get the details of how Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's romance bloomed.

Lopez confirmed to Ellen DeGeneres that she was having a simple lunch of Cobb salad and tortilla soup when she noticed baseball star Alex Rodriguez walking out of a Los Angeles restaurant. For Jennifer Lopez, it was a heat of the moment decision to go tap the athlete on the shoulder and introduce herself. Apparently, Lopez needed no introduction and she also cheekily revealed on the show that Alex Rodriguez already had her number for some reason best known to him, revealed E News.

What followed was a nice little chat followed by a dinner date. She said that even though she does not remember what they had for dinner she was sure about the fact that it was a good dinner hinting that they both hit it off well from the very first date. Jennifer Lopez further clarified that it was a nice dinner and a goodbye, joking, "Mama don't sleep over on the first date." A good advice it was as the star came to the Ellen DeGeneres Show with her twins-Max and Emme, revealed CNN.

While Max preferred to play hide and seek to choose a table as his hiding place; Emme took the spotlight sitting on her mom's lap and giving the audience a spectacular show of mother and daughter bonding.The ''Waiting for Tonight" singer revealed that this was the first time, that Max had been so quiet in the past nine years! The Ellen DeGeneres Show came with its surprises as a person dressed as Yankee popped up from beside the side table scaring Jennifer Lopez.

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