Mr.BBQ Offers Unlimited, Quality Meat in Buffet Style Korean Cuisine

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Jul 07, 2017 11:41 AM EDT

Mr. BBQ, a restaurant located in Englewood Cliff, NJ, offers guests a unique experience in Korean BBQ. The eatery offers all you eat quality dishes with an authentic taste of Korea.

Mr. BBQ, aptly named for its desire to grow as the king of Korean BBQ, doesn't comprise the quality but gives customers an unlimited offering if the best BBQ through buffet arrangements.

"We give unlimited meat. But we don't lower the quality of the meat, rather our offerings are one of the top ones in the market," The owner, Paul Kwak, stated, adding that the LA Galbi is a favorite among their high quality meat selections.

"'Eat as much as you want,'" Kwak says to his customers. "I say, 'don't hesitate like you would do in normal BBQ restaurants.' We want to share the experience of Korean culture, especially the banquet culture."

Mr. BBQ serves many non-Koreans and encourages them to taste the bold flavors and tasty sauces of Korean food. Many of the sauces used in Korean BBQ are not found in typical American BBQ.

"People love it," Kwak shared. Their famous LA Galbi, in particular, is marinated in a sauce that is unique to most non-Koreans or those not familiar with Korean cuisine. This dish, like many others, keeps people coming back for more.

Mr. BBQ offers all you can eat BBQ for a modest price. The eatery in the New Jersey neighborhood is easily accessible from Palisades and Manhattan. They offer plenty of parking and large plates to make your Korean BBQ experience worth a second trip.

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