Health Conscious Korean Restaurant 'Dadam' Targets Non-Koreans in Flushing

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Mar 09, 2018 01:37 PM EST

Flushing, Queens is a cultural conglomerate with a great variety of Korean restaurants on every corner. However,  Dadam stands out as a health-conscious eatery reaching out to non-Koreans in the neighborhood.

The restaurant, which opened in Dec. 2017, provides a comfortable and restful place for non-Koreans to be introduced carefully crafted Korean dishes. Dadam's edge is that they provide natural vegetables and meat with no MSG or chemicals. Their natural ingredients are a tribute to their commitment to providing healthy and good quality foods to their customers. 

Some of their popular dishes include Korean Sushi and pancakes, noodles, porage, bunns, and dumplings. Another popular entree includes Maesaengi, also known as Seas fulvescens. It is a Korean noodle soup that provides a lot of vitamins. This soup also includes a chlorella. Chlorella is a superfood and source of Chlorophyll, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, and amino acids, and it is known to be a detoxifying supplement. 

"I always study how to eat in a healthy way, and naturally these philosophies were embedded in foods that we provide," the owner of Dadam shared. "I wanted to introduce Korean foods to the local community in a different way."

Dadam is opened 7 days a week and provides a cafe-like environment to visitors. Guests are welcomed to dine and linger in the restaurant for longer than your average eateries in order to promote a peaceful and homey environment to locals. 

When asked what makes them most happy in running their business, the owner answered: "When customers recognize the difference between our foods and others in terms of healthiness, and when these customers feel happy about it, and proud about it."

Dadam's dream is to continue opening more restaurants. The next venture is to open a vegan Korean restaurant in Manhattan. 

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