Sangria Over Sit-Ups: How Wine Might Help You Replace Your Pesky Gym Membership

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Sep 22, 2014 04:59 PM EDT
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While imbibing is often thought of as vice toxic to your system, it turns out the ancient Grecians may have had the right idea by substituting wines for water in their daily diets. As studies emerge about the antioxidant qualities of the grape-based alcohol, many are left wondering­: Can wine help us be healthier, and how much is too much to drink?

In days of early philosophers, wine was a staple. As water was often contaminated with bacterial pathogens, and the cause of deadly diseases such as typhoid fever. But even as potable water became an ever-present luxury, and other alcohols were developed for recreational use, wine remained timeless. An aging product that continued in popularity and quality even as the centuries ran on.

And just like the wine that they would imbibe, many individuals have found that the potent elixir kept them from the signs of aging for much longer than their sober friends.

In recent studies conducted on the efficacy of wine consumption, researchers have found that the active ingredient resveratrol found in nuts and grapes has significant anti-aging effects in daily doses. Studies and journal reports have heralded the positive benefits of wine, from improved cardiovascular health all the way to improved balance in the elderly, when given varying dosages of resveratrol ranging from a single glass to the supplemental equivalent of 700 bottles of cabernet.

In fact, some researchers even referred to red wine as "exercise in a bottle", after a study found that resveratrol was effective in protecting against muscle loss and preservation of muscle tone in sedentary individuals. But even in spite of the gleaming qualities of the delicious antioxidants, researchers continue to support that individuals drink in moderation and know the facts about what it is that they're putting into their bodies.

So what should you know so that you can start your sangria cycling over heading to the gym?

1)      Keep Your Daily Workout Regimen Routine: While resveratrol may aid in keeping your muscles toned, daily or bi-daily workout regimens are still essential to a healthy lifestyle. By conditioning at the gym and winding down with a glass of wine, you will not only ensure you look good but feel good too.

2)      Move Over Chardonnay, Here Come the Reds: While dessert wines may be a delicious treat over a nice meal out, you will find that reds contain the active ingredient resveratrol that you so desire. So finding a taste for cabernet or even a rosé may be well worth the effort.

3)      Drink In Moderation, This Is A Marathon Not a Sprint: While resveratrol may carry positive effects for your health in moderation, in excess the high sugar and alcoholic content of wine can deteriorate your health as toxic accumulation in your body poisons vital organs. A glass a day is quite sufficient for the average individual, as resveratrol is only a supplement, not a replacement, for a healthy lifestyle.

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