Taylor Swift in new video ‘Blank Space’ harms no one and destroys no cars; interacts fans in new video app

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Dec 10, 2016 01:35 AM EST

Taylor Swift's new video "Blank Space" has sparked discussions as to whether the diva has caused damage to people and objects particularly on the vintage Shelby AC Cobra she had hit with a golf club in the making of the video. However, reports on the Daily Mail has confirmed that everything is in its normal condition as the singer has released behind-the-scenes photos on Wednesday.

In Blank Space, Swift is with a boyfriend, Andrea Denver, a male Italian model who has been the object of her anger. In earlier interview with the model, he confirmed that all of it is made to look real through special effects.

"Those cars were so beautiful, so expensive, she didn't...I was impressed when I saw the video, it seemed so real," he said in an interview with TMZ.

Further, photos posted in the Daily Mail shows the Shake It Off diva with cast and crew as while they were on set. The vintage car, said to be a rarity, left unharmed.

Now with at least 258,875,145 views in YouTube and 10, 455 votes from Taylor Swift's Twitter, Blank Space shows the crazy side of the 26-year old diva as she takes revenge on an ex whose relationship with her has gone awry. In the first parts, one can see that they are falling in love and having romantic dates in a mansion. But in the middle of the video, things went wrong and the Shake It Off singer tried to show it by destroying the things that her beau owned.

Reports on BBC cited the acclaimed director, Joseph Kahn's idea he had shared to Rolling Stone in the making of the video saying that it wants to give a "deconstructive version of Taylor Swift".

"She knows that there's this meme that if you date Taylor Swift, you're going to end up getting a song written about you. She wanted to address that," Kahn said.

Meanwhile, Blank Space comes with an app to have a more interactive experience with Taylor Swift and other people involved in the video.

Swift, herself, spearheads the promotion of this app on Tuesday as she shows behind-the-scenes clips in the making of the video.

"They're getting to explore the storyland of our video, and be in the room with us," she said.

The app, now listed, in Forbes is said to give viewers have a chance to walk with the singer's character making the viewer see more than what is seen in the video.

"The butler, the artist and the gardener all have their own storylines (small as they may be), and you can choose to walk around with them while listening to 'Blank Space.' On top of that -- and perhaps more importantly -- are the Swift-related objects scattered throughout the set, just waiting to be found."

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