Beer Health Benefits: 5 Skin, Hair & Beauty Secrets of Beer

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Apr 09, 2015 07:11 AM EDT

Nothing is more refreshing than a cold bottle of beer on any lazy afternoon. This brew is for those who have acquired its taste. The drink also has the reputation of bolstering courage or bringing out the worst dance moves when consumed in large quantities. Nevertheless, beer is considered to be a crowd pleaser at any given occasion or for those who want to simply relax alone at home.

When consumed moderately, some studies show that beer has nutritious properties that are good for the health. According to Life Hack, beer is high in fiber, good for the bones and muscles, reduces the risk of heart disease, and rich in B vitamins. Aside from these benefits, did you know that beer can be used aesthetically as well?

Beer lovers and enthusiasts rejoice! Here are five more reasons to pick up a bottle of beer or two.

1.) Hair: Beer Shampoo

If you are thinking about taking a shower under a keg, the idea's not really far from it. Beer is known to contain malts and hops that have proteins that can repair hair damage. It also adds volume, giving you shiny and glossy hair at just a fraction of the price of a salon treatment. According to a DIY tutorial from She Knows, beer shampoo only makes use of two supplies: a cup of beer and half a cup of shampoo. Any residual smell from the beer will fade as your hair dries.

2.) Face: Moisturizing Beer Mask

According to Truth in Aging, combining beer with olive oil, plain yogurt, egg white, almond extract, and lemon extract will give you a moisturizing beer mask! The vitamins and minerals from the malt and hops are good for the skin.

3.) Body: Beer Bubble Bath

If you have ever been curious to know how it feels like to bathe in beer, then this DIY bath recipe from Vegan Beauty Review will show you how. All you need is a castille- or olive-oil based soap and your brand of beer to add to your running bath water. Adjust everything to your preference. Beer helps hydrate the skin from within.

4.) Feet: Softening Lemon Foot Beer Bath

If your idea of relaxing after a hard day's work is with a beer, you can also use it to pamper your tired feet! According to Bodeoo Blog, mixing raw honey, hot water, milk, raw honey, and beer can soften and relax your tired feet.

5.) Face: Strawberry and Beer Face Scrub

Another must try DIY treatment from Vegan Beauty Review is using strawberries and beer to make a face scrub. Strawberries have great cleansing properties and help in removing dead skin cells, according to

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