Cindy Crawford beauty, diet & fitness secrets: Supermodel calls controversial raw photos from a magazine shoot 'malicious'

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Sep 03, 2015 07:57 AM EDT

In 2013, a controversial photo of former supermodel Cindy Crawford has circulated on the Internet, showing a raw, untouched and unflattering picture of her in a black bikini from a photo shoot for the magazine Marie Claire. Now, Cindy is breaking her silence and is slamming the viral photo by calling it "malicious".

The Independent UK writes that in an interview for Elle Canada, Cindy claims that although the photo has gained positive reactions from people, she felt manipulated and conflicted that is why she didn't say anything at first. However, she knows she has to say something because she knows her body and while it is not perfect, she admits that she looks better than the photo. She even states that the picture did not reflect what she sees in the mirror, even in the worst lighting.

John Russo, the photographer who took the picture, has been approached by Cindy to get the real story and apparently, Russo is very upset because he didn't authorize the use of the photo. It has been stolen and manipulated to make the flaws look worse.

Cindy believes that the reason why many have reacted positively about her unretouched photo is because it has made them feel good about themselves, Celebrity Health & Fitness reports. But in reality, Cindy has remained wrinkle-free, even if the former supermodel is about to turn 50 years old and is a mother to two teenagers. She shares that it is thanks to daily sunscreen and cleanses every night.

Cindy also credits her low carb diet and a regular workout regimen which includes pilates, hiking, weight lifting and yoga. She also uses products like Oribe and Wen shampoos to keep her hair luxurious, lustrous and strong. The model adds that she brushes her hair with a dry brush before getting it wet in the shower and lather her body in Neutrogena Body Oil after every bath.

Last year, The Examiner wrote that Cindy released a health and fitness book to promote her diet, age-defying beauty and exercise secrets, which she reveals includes eating healthy. She shares that she eats dark chocolates on a daily basis as it is her guilty pleasure.

She has admitted to undergoing cosmetic procedures like Botox but claims her positive attitude about life is the secret to her timeless beauty. She, like everyone else, is terrified of getting old but believes that confidence can be the key to being beautiful. She candidly states that it's all about faking it until you make it.

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