Strenuous Exercise Affect Men’s Sex Life: New Study Reveals Excessive Workout Can Create Lower Libidos? Details Here!

By partha das | Feb 24, 2017 | 08:29 AM EST

A fit body means a sound health, but strenuous exercise to get a good shape means to decrease the sexual desire. Yes, men who perform excessive exercise have lower libidos.

Mail online reported that strenuous exercise has a bad impact on men's health. Debates exist for long to know whether excessive workouts affect the love life of a man or not. A recent study proves that excess amount of workouts can affect a man's love life.

So far research studies found excessive training session affects female health. Gruelling workouts unveil that many female athletes may have menstrual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and other health related issues. But, this problem can be solved by avoiding strenuous exercise session.

Now this time, scientists have a research study only on men. The study points out that excessive amount of physical activity can hamper the sex life and reproductive system in men. Strenuous exercise can blunt the testosterone levels in men for a longer period.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have recently conducted a study about the physical activity and sex lives of men. The research team prepares a set of questions to know the men's desire for sex engagement. Another set of questions tries to unveil their workout habits that include the strenuous exercise.

The next and final set of questions includes the medical history of men. The study includes answers from 1,100 adult men who are physically active. Among them, a good number of men are experienced athletes who had performed a strenuous exercise during their training session.

The researchers divided all the 1,100 men into different groups according to the workouts that include the strenuous exercise. Groups are created regarding the weekly exercises that contain light, moderate, prolonged and short workouts. The groups also include 1,100 men's sex lives that feature high, low and moderate libidos.

The New York Times reported that men with strenuous exercise have the lower libidos. Dr. Anthony Hackney, a professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of North Carolina, has pointed out the key points. He has opined that lower libido is the result of fatigue and lower level of testosterone and these two are linked with grueling exercise.

The research team wants more future experiments that will include the link between exercise, hormone level, and libidos. Dr. Anthony Hackney opines that it is important to discover all the bad impacts of the strenuous exercise and related issues. He utters that discovery of exact point and pattern of exercise that hampers the male sex drive.

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