Heidi Klum Flaunts Bikini Body; What's Her Diet, Workout Routine?

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Jan 25, 2016 04:31 AM EST

Heidi Klum remains hot and sexy at 42, learn about the supermodel's diet and workout routine here.

The Victoria's Secret angel had a recent photo-shoot for her upcoming swimsuit line that will be launched this summer. She confirmed about her new line of swimwear on her Instagram account. "Big things to come...Heidi Klum Swim launching this summer," she wrote.

The "Project Runway" host and judge already owns the successful Heidi Klum Intimate lingerie line. She is already a mom of four but the latest photo-shoot would leave anyone in awe of how she maintains her smoking-hot sexy frame.

In the said pictorial, Klum exposed her butt cheeks, which just confirmed that the model is still in her best shape, Celebrity Health & Fitness reported. Are you interested on how the "Desperate Housewives" star did it?

Examiner reported that Klum's follows a low-carb diet and a regular workout with celebrity trainer David Kirsch.

"I'm pretty good about not eating too many carbs," said Klum. "I love vegetables. I don't eat bagels-no way! A bagel is basically a cardboard box. Usually, I'll have a smoothie in the morning," Klum said.

Aside from eating healthy food, she makes it a point to avoid unhealthy ones, especially processed food. Her daily diet includes fresh vegetables and home-cooked German meals. "I like to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins," she added.

Aside from being strict on her diet, the German supermodel workout a lot. She actually tries to sweat every day by hiking with her little ones or running on a treadmill for 30 minutes at home. When in New York, she runs along the Westside Highway. If she's traveling and is staying in a hotel room, she does sit-ups and calisthenics.

She also does circuit-training workouts, strength training, lunges, step-ups and rows. To keep her midriff tone, she performs belly-targeting exercises.

If she has the luxury of time, Klum workouts with Kirsch. Both combine cardio workouts with ab exercises and strength training to keep the blonde beauty in her perfect shape.

Klum is already on her 40s but she's not slowing down nor is she concerned about aging.

"I don't think of getting older as looking better or worse; it's just different. You change, and that's OK. Life is about change," said the "America's Got Talent" judge. "I don't have anxiety about [aging], so I'm not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don't think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with aging, so I think it's OK that I get wrinkles."

Klum added that she does daily to-do lists, set her goals and get it done. She teased that she also includes fun things on her list.

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