11 Effective Ways For Sound Sleep: Solution For Insomnia

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Jan 04, 2017 07:17 PM EST

Insomnia, a state which affects the sleep of a person is a very common issue among most of the people across the globe. Not getting sufficient sleep can cause harm to the health and also the overall performance of an individual. Here are the most effective ways to follow for sound sleep.

Breath Slowly and Imagine

The level of breathing is very important for sound sleep. After breathing for a few seconds, imagine of having a peaceful sleep with no distraction.

Fix a Sleep Schedule

According to Sleep for a healthier and happier life regular sleep is necessary. The tips which are provided by them are to be consistent with sleep. It means a fixed schedule should be kept for waking time and bed time.

Relax Through a Warm Bath

Before going to bed please do make sure to take a bath with lukewarm water. It will help to release stress from the body and to have a sound sleep.

Breathing Through Left Nostril

Peter Smith in his book "Sleep Better With Natural Therapies" has explained a sleeping method. Inorder to have a sound sleep turn to the left side and close the right nostril of the nose. Then very deeply and slowly starts to breath through the left nostril.

Exercise Daily

Doing some sort of physical exercise will help to have a sound sleep. Hitting the gym or doing some yoga helps the body and mind to relax. Also, it helps with the breathing control also. Daily exercise is really good to have a healthy sleep.

Avoid Taking Afternoon Naps

The National Sleep Foundation has advised the insomnia patients to strictly avoid afternoon naps as a solution to their sleep problem. Taking 30 minute nap in the afternoon time can really affect the person to get sleep during the night time.

Avoid Social Media and Gadgets on Bed

People have a tendency to stay awake by being online in social media, which drastically affect the sleep. Even keeping the gadgets near the bedside have a negative effect on the brain also cause sleep deprivation.

 Dinner Should Not Be Heavy

Having a heavy dinner during the evening hours and at night can really disturb the sleep. Even having a spicy meal before going to bed can cause lots of discomfort for sleeping.

Rearrange The Bedroom

Always try to set the bedroom with dark lighting, which will help to have a good sleep during night. Also, keep the bedroom clean and comfortable to avoid any distraction from sleep.

Relax The Muscles

Before going to sleep, relax the body muscles by squeezing and relaxing all the muscle areas of the body. Then lay in the bed with deep breaths.

Recap The Day

Recapping all the minute details of the day in a reverse order will help to clear out all the worries from our mind. And it ultimately helps to prepare the body for a peaceful sleep.

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