Top 3 Best Weight Loss Diet for Health-Conscious Dieters Based From ’38 Best Diet Rankings’

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Mar 17, 2017 07:44 AM EDT

Best weight loss diet is available from time to time over the internet wherein this is to help health-conscious dieters who made the healthy eating priority this 2017.  In fact, this is more likely the most popular resolution to do.

Amid of a lot of available best weight loss diet, US News, and World Report made an effort to compile its annual list of 38 best eating plans. It was ranked base on how nutritional and safe the diet is, how effective it is for health-conscious dieters, how it is easy to follow and how will it help one person from having diabetes and heart diseases.

The "Best Diet Rankings" were released last January of this year, which a group of dieticians and nutritionists used their expertise to classify which is the best and will help health-conscious dieters. So here's the top three best weight loss diet:

DASH diet, taking up the top place pf being the best weight loss diet have been named as the best for seven years in a row. DASH is an abbreviation of dietary approaches to stop hypertension - a common condition in the US. This isn't just good for people with hypertension but it is also perfect for people with diabetes especially if you are health-conscious dieters.

This diet helps health-conscious dieters to lower the sodium intake to no more than 2,300 milligrams a day while eating green leafy vegetables and fruits. Angela Haupt, assistant managing editor of health at US News & World Report motioned how it was considered as the best weight loss diet, "The DASH diet is really a safe plan for everyone," via Business Insider 2016.

Mediterranean Diet is a typical and traditional diet among Mediterranean countries. Though this is not top one best weight loss diet still US News and World Report considered this as the easiest to follow. To health-conscious dieters, this is characterized by eating a high consumption of vegetables and olive oil while maintaining a moderate consumption of protein.

MIND diet got the third place in best weight loss diet this year but claimed to be the number two last year. This diet will help the health-conscious dieters by focusing on foods that will help prevent your brain from having a disease like Alzheimer's. 

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