Which is More Important: Diet or Exercise?

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Feb 06, 2016 07:00 AM EST

To run on a treadmill or to eat greens?

There are enough studies out there that stress the importance of both diet and exercise. In reality though, many can only keep up with doing either of the two. Science Alert cites the newest video from Youtube Channel AsapSCIENCE where they pit the two against each other in terms of significance.

It turns out, what you eat is more important than how much of it you shed, shares The Huffington Post. "Cutting out calories is more fruitful than running on the treadmill because it takes less time. You could put on your gym clothes, go to a workout class and come home and shower to burn some calories, or you could just not eat a candy bar," the same report narrates.

It was also found in a 2015 study that calorie control is more successful in terms of weight loss instead of exercising -- which is credited for increasing appetite among those who work out. Moreover, while working out burns calories at first, the burn eventually plateaus and thus stops the person from shedding his or her desired calories. The research, as told by The Huffington Post, then concludes that while exercise is crucial for leading a healthy life, it doesn't often promote weight loss exclusively.

Science Alert cites a study they published in May where researches asked 20 Americans who love fast food to switch diets with 20 South Africans live in a rural area. Within two weeks, the Americans in the study had "remarkable" changes when they measured the subject's colon cancer risk. Apparently, two weeks is enough to significantly reduce the Americans' risk of developing colon cancer.

If one wants to just burn calories, there are a lot of ways to do so, according to Science Alert. "You could go for a 20-minute run, surf for an hour, or belt out your favourite song 23 times in the shower," AsapSCIENCE advises. However, all of these activities take a huge chunk out of someone's day.

"Many physicians point out that there are a lot of high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie foods we could cut from our diet to see weight-loss results more quickly," says AsapSCIENCE.

In conclusion, the study tells us to never stop exercising. However, if you are wanting to lose a significant amount of weight and would have to choose between diet or exercise; it would be best to focus on your diet for faster results.

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